Thanks to the research efforts developed in Setnanometro project, funded by FP7 Programme of European Union, Avanzare will start the commercialization of two new products: titanium oxide nanoparticles and a combination of titanium oxide nanoparticles together with graphene, one of the key products of the company. These nanoparticles have a remarkable photocatalytic activity, are well characterized in the framework of Setnanometro, and will pave the basis to be used as a standard in the characterization of photocatalytic activity of other future materials.

Setnanometro project emerged as a promising solution to the current lack of validated methodologies to detect, characterize and analyse nanoparticles. In this way, Setnanometro proposed the creation of Certified Reference Materials to be used in applications related to photocatalytic activity. Aligned with this idea, the materials commercialized by Avanzare could be evaluated as a standard for photocatalytic activity to be implemented in different applications.

Seventh Framework Programme